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Welcome to Young Stars Radio Club Online!


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Young Stars Radio Club is a non-profit, non - commercial, & non-political group of hobbyists of short wave radio listening located in Hyderabad, India, started in the year 1984 with the motto to create awareness about the wonderful hobby of DXing and to strengthen the fraternity of friendship under the roof of radio listening & DXing. 



YSRC at Rail Junction


The Rail


The Rail has been in continuous operation for 10 years :: 241 days :: 6 hours :: 34 minutes and counting. 

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The Happy Station Show


Since 2009 Keith has been hosting the long run Happy Station Show.  The version of the show is available on the web which is specially produced for PCJ's partner stations in 37 countries.  Send your comments and requests to hs at pcjmedia dot com. 

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Radio Berlin International is back online and shortwave:


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Specials - Hyderabad weather update:  


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