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DX Atlas


Universal Radio Research sponsors this informative website for radio enthusiasts.  DXing is the art and science of listening to distant stations (D=distance X=xmitter or transmitter).  Click and find all the information from the original site plus some exciting new features.

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Glenn Hauser's World of Radio


Anomaly Alerts, Monitoring Reminders Calendar, Nets to you,     Featured QSLs from Glenn Hauser Collection, World of Radio & Continent of Media 2001 to 2004 Summary Archives, DX Listening Digest contents from 2000 to 2005, Anomaly Alerts & What's New - 2001 to 2005, Reception Tips & Testimonials.... etc.. and many more:                                                                    Enter Here!




Cumbre DX is a List-Server resource dedicated to reporting "what's hot" in regional and international shortwave broadcast listening. The Cumbre DX list-serv is distributed free of charge via electronic mail.   If you wish to subscribe to the list-serv, send a message to:    You can receive the messages instantly or as a daily digest. You can set your preference when you subscribe.     The website is having links to Email Bulletin Archives, DX Audi Page, About the Radio Show, Listen Live over the facilities of WHRI, QSL Gallery,  RA Labs

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ILG RADIO - The World Top Shortwave Broadcasting Database

ILG Radio covers General Information- The History of ILG Radio, Software Setup & Installation Tips - ILG Radio's Support viz., Password problems, download problems, Tips to run and install the ILG Radio Software and Database, Using the ILG Radio, etc,  Database Browser - Functions of ILG Radio Browser, Database Extracts - the New ILG Data Structure, Database Structure - the structure of the Data Files(From January 2004), ITU CIRAF Zones - CIRAF zone maps(Link to ITU), Free ILG Download Page, Receiver Software useful for ILG Radio, DX Clubs Links, Top Hobby & DX Tips Links, Transmitter Sites Picture Tour, Sat-Receiver-World, International Radio Stations, Professional Shortwave Services, ILG Professional. 

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This site is having web pages Getting Started covers Shortwave Radio, Scanning, Long-Distance AM/FM Listening, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, Bookshelf covers General Books, Radio Equipment, Radio Antennas, Scanners & Scanning, Pirate Radio, Old Time Radio, Cultural History of Radio, Miscellaneous Books, Feature Articles covers Monitoring Weblog, Feature Article Archive, News covers different articles , Radio Links covers AM/FM/TV Listening, Broadcast Industry sites, Clubs, Organisations and Associations,Domestic Radio, Discussion Groups, International Broadcaster Sites, Internet Radio, Monitoring Equipment, Personal Sites, Scanner Sites, Satellite Radio, Software, Useful Adjuncts;      Visually Impaired covers Access to Radio Equipment and Other tips , Seattle Radio covers Across the Dial, Scan this, AM Band Scan, Puget Sound Radio Links.         Enter Here!



DX Atlas 2.25
Electronic World Atlas for radio amateurs

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Audio Archive contains Continent of Media,  VOA, Mundo Radial, Interviews, Other Sources and WOR Stream and Downloads. 

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Radio Portal offer a solid database, updated frequently, with links checked by content. The database itself is selective already, and so is the result. Excellent signal-to- noise ratio, not to speak of the flexible ways to vary a search in a very user friendly way.
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Hardcore DX

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Dr.Kubi's DX Webpages

Personal website of Dr.Kubi (Germany) contains different web pages with details such as Computers - Java, Linux, Internet Services, Securiity Tips; World Radio - Shortwave Stations - General, SWL Clubs, Continent wise radio stations, Weblinkpage - Astronomie, Auto, Post, Sports, etc; <Berlin City Info, Volleyball Info, Lahre.
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On the Shortwaves is devoted to the history of shortwave broadcasting and theshortwave broadcast DXing hobby
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Prime Time Shortwave

Your guide for English shortwave broadcast schedules

  Prime Time Shortwave is a listing of English shortwave broadcast that are updated on a weekly basis.

This website contains Homepage, News & Newsletter ;  Details of English Shortwave Broadcasts sorted by Time; Details of English Shortwave Broadcasts sorted by Country; Shortwave Schedules Sorted by Time; Details of English Shortwave Broadcasts sorted by Frequency; DX Media Programme Guide; Pilot - DB File for Palm OS; Download DBaseSW Schedule Zip; Download Excel SW Schedule Zip; International Broadcaster Links; UTC Local Time Conversion; ASCII Text File & Database Info/Credits/Mission - "I want to be the best source for schedules" /Personal Details about the Webmaster of the site; & Radio Related Links - North American Radio Clubs, Shortwave, Schedule & Programme Information, AM, FM & TV, Other Radio Services, Radio Suppliers & Magazines, Misc Info.

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DXtreme Software™ 

International Listener

EXDC web site contains main web pages of The Organisation, Presentation - Statute, Officials, Addresses Conferences - Budapest 2001, Barcelona 2000, Publications - Euro DX, Annual Reports, Monthly letters, Official Publications, Special Reports, Press Review - News Papers, Radio, Services - Mailing List, Radio Channel, Public Newsgroup, EDXC Portal,Channels, Hot Link - WRMI/EDXC Broadcast, PLC REport, Budapest 2001, Message from SG, New Clubs.
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This website covers Information and useful links for those who loves listen to the radio. Information about broadcasting from/to Russia and CIS. About the Irkutsk DX Circle, Broadcasting in Irkutsk, Centre of Broadcasting and Radio Communications, Some interesting links, Volmant Stations in C.I.S, Standard Time and Frequency Stations,  East-Siberian Rivership, Intervals Signals Collection, Broadcasting in Russia, Voice of Russia, Web Controlled Radio, Frequency Allocation List, Free Radio, Ham Radio, QSL Collection, Guest Book, etc.

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Kim Andrew Elliott

This site is run by AMANDX to help DX'ers and SWL's enjoy the hobby of radio listening. The idea behind the site is to supply simple easy to read information.  There are articles on Receivers, Antennas, Frequencies, Call signs and a host of other radio related topics.  There are pages of information available for both the new and experienced listener.

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International Broadcasting and Public Diplomacy

The Website of Kim, he was producer and host of Communications World a popular weekly Voice of America program about electronic media and international broadcasting.

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Radio and TV Broadcasting in South and South-East Asia
This Website contains links to The State LeVeille Broadcast, Upcoming Guests, Recent Topics, Chronology Of My So-Called Career, Steve's List, Photo Gallery, Mel Simons, Ramblin' Dan Martin, RFEcipes, Links Links and contact details includes of RADIO DIRECTORY &  TV DIRECTORY of Asian Countries viz., Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong (Hongkong), China, India, Laos, Macau (China), Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar(Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Patepluma Radio


Radio is a Global Radio Portal provides comprehensive information on many aspects of radio listening.  The website covers 7 pages with fully loaded info
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DX International  by Chrissy



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