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The Medium Wave Circle



This list of clubs for radio listeners is provided by Radio Netherlands as a free public service. Since listeners clubs are run on a hobby basis, always include return postage when making enquiries.

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Ardic DX Club website contains archives from March, 2009 to till date and DX Remix News Posts.  The Club publishes Dxers Guide in English and Sarvadesa Vaanoli in Tamil.

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 Links included to AOSC - All Ohio Scanner Club, ACE - Association Clandistene Enthusiasts, CIDX - Canadian International DX Club, DECAL - Decalcomania, IRCA _ Internatioonal Radio Club of America, LWCA - Longwave Club of America, MVDXC - Miami Vally DX Club, MDXC - Minnesota DX CLub, NASWA - North American Shortwave Association, PNBCDX - Pacific Northwest, British Columbia DXX Club, SCADS - Southern California Area Dxers, WTFDA - World TV & FM DX Association; Radio HF Newsletter,  ANARC Club List, ANARC Committee List, ANARC Glossary,etc.                                                                          

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This  website covers DX Links - DXing Resources Pages - DX Programmes, Identifying/Audio Clip Collections, Reporting & QSLing, Specialized DXing,  AM DXing, FM & TV DXing, Clandestine Radio, General & Misc., Links Collections, News & Loggings - Schedules by Language, Magazines & Ezines, News Groups & Discussion Forums, DX Clubs, Radio Weather & Propagation, Radio Equipment & Software, Radio Hobbyists' Web Pages - Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania, Radio Station Info Pages - Europe - Countries A-M, Europe Countries N-Y, Africa, Near & Middle East, Asia, Oceania, North America, Central America, South America, Radio Stations Pages/Other links Directory Pages.

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This site is having web pages Getting Started covers Shortwave Radio, Scanning, Long-Distance AM/FM Listening, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, Bookshelf covers General Books, Radio Equipment, Radio Antennas, Scanners & Scanning, Pirate Radio, Old Time Radio, Cultural History of Radio, Miscellaneous Books, Feature Articles covers Monitoring Weblog, Feature Article Archive, News covers different articles , Radio Links covers AM/FM/TV Listening, Broadcast Industry sites, Clubs, Organisations and Associations,Domestic Radio, Discussion Groups, International Broadcaster Sites, Internet Radio, Monitoring Equipment, Personal Sites, Scanner Sites, Satellite Radio, Software, Useful Adjuncts;      Visually Impaired covers Access to Radio Equipment and Other tips , Seattle Radio covers Across the Dial, Scan this, AM Band Scan, Puget Sound Radio Links.         Enter Here!


Dedicated to the radio enthusiast interested in Medium Wave and Long Wave radio. The Medium Wave Circle brings together radio enthusiasts located all around the world and it acts as a hub for members to share their experiences, knowledge, news, views and ideas.

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Ihr Partner für internationalen Rundfunkempfang


A Comprehensive German Language Website on DXing Hobby. 

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A Flemish association of shortwave listeners.

This website covers many aspects in web pages Information, The Founding of DXA, Our Hobby-Broadcast DX, Utility DX, FM-DX, Reception of Weather Satellites, Join Us, evenementen, Leden Shacks, Donderdagavond impressies, Links - Fabrikanten van ontvangers, Fabrikanten van toebehoren, Verenigingen, Instanties, Internet publicaties, Publicaties, Software, Omroepstations, The Country List, SINPO, Zoekertjes, Mailinglist, Proefexemplaar, DXA Bulletin, DXA leden sectie

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WORLDWIDE DX CLUB is a non-political DX organization, founded in 1966. Its aims are to strengthen this fascinating and scientific hobby as well as the international DX movement for better understanding and friendship among nations. Anyone can become a member of WORLDWIDE DX CLUB regardless of nationality and political belief. WORLDWIDE DX CLUB does not claim to be the biggest or best DX club in the world. Nevertheless, it offers its members and subscribers a rather good monthly bulletin (mainly in English) entitled "DX MAGAZINE" with up-to-date information on most aspects of DX'ing. This website includes links for WWDXC Application Form, History of WWDXC in German Language, List of Books & Publications, DW Schedule, German Telecom Transmission Station Schedule, DRM Broadcasts Schedule, List of Broadcasts in German, List of SWL/Media Programmes in English & German, WWDXC Top News,  and other useful links.

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Universal DX League, Chandigarh, India

International DX Association, India

EXDC web site contains main web pages of The Organisation, Presentation - Statute, Officials, Addresses Conferences - Budapest 2001, Barcelona 2000, Publications - Euro DX, Annual Reports, Monthly letters, Official Publications, Special Reports, Press Review - News Papers, Radio, Services - Mailing List, Radio Channel, Public Newsgroup, EDXC Portal,Channels, Hot Link - WRMI/EDXC Broadcast, PLC REport, Budapest 2001, Message from SG, New Clubs.
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This website covers Information and useful links for those who loves listen to the radio. Information about broadcasting from/to Russia and CIS. About the Irkutsk DX Circle, Broadcasting in Irkutsk, Centre of Broadcasting and Radio Communications, Some interesting links, Volmant Stations in C.I.S, Standard Time and Frequency Stations,  East-Siberian Rivership, Intervals Signals Collection, Broadcasting in Russia, Voice of Russia, Web Controlled Radio, Frequency Allocation List, Free Radio, Ham Radio, QSL Collection, Guest Book, etc.

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The BDXC specialises in coverage of all aspects of broadcast DXing - from searching out distant or difficult-to-hear radio stations to listening to the major international broadcasters - on the shortwave, mediumwave and VHF/FM bands. We also have in-depth coverage of UK domestic radio developments as well as reports on new ways of listening to the radio including WorldSpace and the world wide web.  This website covers links with Information about BDXC, Broadcasts in English, Radio Stations in the UK, Dates of your Diary, BDXC E-Mail News Service, BDXC Chat Room, BDXC Communication, Club Officers, Contributing to the Communication, Abbreviations, Selected Links.

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A  radio listeners' club based in Oneida and Herkimer Counties in Central New York.  This Website contains many links like Photo of DX CAmp 2000, Report on 6th Annual Mexican SWL Conference by Jeff White, Report on Conference in Spanish by Ivan Lopez Alegria, Mohawk Vally Media, Radio Marti in Turmoil over Elian Gonzales coverage, Links to SWL Home Pages and SWL & DX Clubs Around the World, Clandestine Radio Page,  Indexes to International Broadcasters by Region,  Page on Links to Mexican Radio and Clubs,  Other Mohawk Valley Links
Oneida Indian Nation, What in the World? Mystery Links, Articles on Stations, DXing, and Radio Personalities

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