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Universal Radio, Inc. 

The DX Zone - Amateur Radio Internet Guide




Universal has been offering the finest in amateur and shortwave equipment from central Ohio for over 60 years. Universal was founded in 1942.  Universal Radio carries all major lines of amateur and shortwave radio equipment, antennas and accessories. In recent years other product lines have been added to include:   scanners, CB, FRS, GPS and weather instruments. Universal also offers an excellent selection of radio related books. 

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DX-Tuners are remotely controlled receivers

DX-Tuners provide access to a truly global network of remotely controlled shortwave and VHF/UHF receivers for radio enthusiasts across the world all from the comfort of your own home via the Internet.        

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For over 50 years the Grundig name has been synonymous with innovation, style, quality and performance. The latest product ranges continue this tradition whilst embracing the latest Digital technologies.

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Huge Database/font> : Links to - Ham Radio, Radio Scanning, Shortwave Listening, CB Radio, Operating AIDS, Propagation, Manufacturers, Technical Reference, Antennas,Software, DX Resources, Operating Modes, Publications, Shopping & Services, Internet & Radio, Antique Radios, FRS & GMRS; Radio Classified Ads - CB Radios, HF Radios, VHF/UHF Radios, REceivers, Compters, Keyers & Keys, Books & Magazines, Towers & Accessiories, Tubes, CB Antennas,  VHF/UHF Antennas, Antiques, Digital & Pocket, Mics & Headsets, Rotators, Power Supplies, Wire & Coax, CB Equipment, HF Amplifiers, VHF/UHF Amplifiers, Tuners, ATV & SSTV, Manuals, Switches, Test Equipment, Miscellaneous; Knowledge Base - Glossary Index, DX Zone Links, Images, News, Blogs, Products,  130 Topics, Last Topics; Reviews - CB Transceivers, HF Transceivers, Receivers, Software, VHF UHF Hand held Radios, VHF UHF Mobile Radios, VHF UHF Transceivers and Recent Reviews; Ham Directory - Listing 389 operators with 15 web pages; CB Directory - Listing 783 cb operators with 15 web pages; Advertising - Advertising Information, Banner Advertising on, links to Advertisers; Store - Recommended books by, Radio Books, ARRL, Antenna, Antique Radio, Ham Radio, CB Radio, Shortwave, Morse Code, License, Packet, & Electronics - CB Radio, FRS - Family Radio, GPS, Scanner, Shortwave Receivers, Antenna.

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Icom is one of three companies who dominate the worldwide amateur radio market.

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SANGEAN A world of listening

For over 32 years Sangean has been making world class radios for some of the largest electronics companies in the world and building our Sangean brand. innovative design to their trend setting quality, and they are the largest radio manufacturer in the world.

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WiNRADiO Communications is a division of Radixon Group Pty.Ltd., a  Robotron company, incorporated in 1991 in order to commercialize the results of many years of research in radio communications.

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