Many International Broadcasters conducts competitions and provides prizes, souvenirs.  Try to participate in the competitions and win prizes like Digital Camera, Digital Receiver, Calculators, T-shirts, Goodie Bags, MP3 Players, Internet Radio, etc

Young Stars Radio Club..

Radio Prague

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Test your knowledge of Czech! Radio Prague offers Monthly Quiz and Mailbox quiz.  Join the contests and win a Radio Prague Prize!

KBS World Radio

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KBS World Radio  offers a quiz four times a year with questions mostly related to Korea.Participants who earn a perfect score will be entered into a draw for KBS souvenirs.

Radio Romania

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Details of all contests of Radio Romania International English Service.

List of Competitions

Christmas Photo Competition 2016

Radio Japan Hindi Service

PopXport - Quiz by Deutsche Welle

Radio Prague Monthly Quiz

Radio Prague Mailbox Quiz

Radio Taiwan International Contest

KBS World Radio Quarterly Quiz
Radio Romania International Contest

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