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YSRC is a non-profit, non-commercial, and non-political group of hobbyists of short-wave, medium-wave, and internet radio listening located in Hyderabad, India, started in the year 1984 to create awareness about the wonderful hobby of DXing and to strengthen the fraternity of friendship under the roof of radio listening & DXing.

   YSRC will organize cultural, sporting & environmental activities. It collects information about radio listening   and coordinate with the Listener's Departments of different broadcasters.


 DXer is a distant listener.. The term is not defined in any of the dictionary but if we let D stand for Distance and X, as in mathematics, stand for Unknown, then we see the term DXing as meaning "listening to radio stations from an unknown distance." A person engaged in the hobby is called a DXer .              

                                    IDXC Top 50 DXers



Browse through the websites of different braodcasters and also write them requesting for station materials


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QSL Desk

QSL means "contact confirmed" or "reception confirmed" Collection of QSL Cards is a Hobby. Find out what's it is:

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Are you interested in Competitions? Try some of the interesting competitions conducted by  Short-wave Radio Broadcasters and win prizes like Digital Receiver, Digital Camera, Calculators, T-shirts, Goodie Bags, MP3 Players, iPod Shuffle, etc.


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something unique!

RFI - The Sound Kitchen - Non Stop Weekly ..

Music, interviews, quirky listener essays .. 

you never know what you'll be served up on the

Sound kitchen where Susan Owensby is cooking.   There will be weekly contest and good prizes,       

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The Happy Station Show - Keith Perron

This website is a source of information related to radio listening hobby.  Young Stars Radio Club has no responsibility for the articles / information published by the referral websites.

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